Donation Pick Up

Getting rid of your stuff doesn’t mean that it should end up in a landfill. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so if you have items that you no longer use, you can use our services to facilitate a donation.

Gorilla Haulers offers junk donation pickup services in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia Metropolitan Area. We are fully insured to handle junk donations, moving, and cleanouts and do it professionally.

What You Can Donate

Many local charities are happy to receive gently used items. They can find a new home for these items or sell them to make an extra buck for their project. Several items that you can donate if they are in decent condition include:

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How Do We Determine Donatable Items?

Unfortunately, not all items you clean out from your home can be donated. However, as a professional junk removal company, we’ll do our best (even if it means spending extra) to recycle items and keep them out of landfills. The idea is to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Why Do We Charge For Donation Pickups?

We are a junk removal company and not a charity donation truck. As such, a portion of the price caters to the labor of removing the items from space. Charity donation trucks require you to leave the items on the curbside.

We accept the risk to your property and our employees during the removal. So, another portion goes towards insurance costs. Lastly, the charges are to pay our employees for the time taken to sort, load, and unload items at a charity of your choice or a recycling facility.

The beauty of donating your junk is that you can deduct the costs from taxes. However, you should check with the charity to ensure the items are tax-deductible.

Donation Pick-Up Company in Maryland

Do I Need To Mark Items For Donations?

No, you don’t have to mark items meant for donations. Once we collect the items, we’ll sort through them and determine which ones are good for donating and which ones aren’t.

Why Should You Donate Your Items?


Might Save On Taxes

Donating your junk can help you save some cash on the next tax season. Just make sure the charity you donate to gives a donation receipt. You’ll have to keep the donation receipts with items of items you donated and their corresponding value. If you don’t have time to record the items during removal, you can take photos to help keep track of the donations.


Moving Will Be Cheaper

Generally, the more items you have when moving, the more expensive the move will be. Usually, the cost of long-distance moving is based on the weight of your items. For local moves, the charges are often hourly, which means the more items you have, the longer it’ll take to complete.


You Don't Pay For Storage

The great news about junk removal is that you don’t have to rent a storage unit to keep things you no longer need. While some storage units are affordable, the costs can pile up dramatically, especially when you do it for the long term.


Create A Serene Space

Clutter is usually chaotic. By decluttering your home and donating items you don’t need, you can transform your messy space into a serene and calming oasis.


You Help Others In Need

By donating your household belongings and clothes, you are helping a person or a family in need. Kids’ toys, old books, working electronics, and hand-me-downs can be precious to someone in need.

Junk Removal And Donations From Professionals

Do you need to declutter? Do you have old furniture, computers, or large appliances gathering dust in your garage or living room? If you do, contact Gorilla Haulers at (301) 747-5811 to learn more about junk removal, junk recycling, and donations.