Professional Junk Removal And Hauling

Gorilla Haulers is excited to provide our customers with junk removal services. Our professional movers can assist you with junk removal by handling the heavy lifting and disposal of goods you no longer want or need.


Fully Licensed

As professionals, we are licensed, bonded, insured, and ready to provide efficient services. Our professional hauling service includes Furniture removal, Appliance removal, Garbage, Storm/Yard Debris, Light Demolition, Donations, Recycling, Post Construction Clean Ups, Electronics, and much more! We even offer hot tub removal!


Environmentally Conscious

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” The items we remove will either be recycled, donated, or disposed of. As an environmentally conscious company, we always try to recycle or donate first.

Moving Contractors

Junk Removal For Moving

When moving, figuring out how to get rid of items you no longer want can be quite challenging. Some pieces can be bulky, heavy, and awkward to work with. When they are finally out of your home or business, you will have to determine where they are going to go. There are many cities that do not provide furniture pickup.

Gorilla Haulers provides eco-friendly, safe, and efficient furniture and appliance removal services. Whether the furniture is more suitable for a recycling facility or good enough to be donated to a charity, we will always ensure that it will be disposed of in an eco-friendly and overall responsible manner. In essence, there is no need for your junk to end up in a landfill.

Thankfully, there is the remarkable option of donating the furniture pieces you want to get rid of. This does not automatically mean dropping them off at a thrift store. There are actually several non-profit organizations that take used furniture for spaces like breakrooms, bedrooms and lobbies. There are also many agencies and shelters that offer household goods to needy families.

Gorilla Haulers recycles every piece of material possible and as such, you can feel good regarding the protection of the environment when you conduct business with us.

Recycling your old furniture is another alternative that is kind to the environment. This is a great option as many locations have enacted Landfill Diversion plans and Zero Waste initiatives to reduce overall waste, boost recycling efforts and lessen use of the landfills.

Tips For Garage Cleanouts

We’ve developed a list of helpful tips and ideas to help you get started before our junk removal trucks arrive! As you prepare for junk removal day, these garage cleaning techniques will help you get everything organized and ready.

These are just some practical tips for garage cleanouts to help put you on the right track to a fresh and clean garage. We’ll help you take care of the rest with junk removal!

Trash Removal

This is just one of the many other Junk removal services offered by Gorilla Haulers. There are times when a spring-cleaning project or a big office or family event requires getting rid of a huge amount of trash afterwards. We are willing, able, and equipped to take care of all that on your behalf.

In addition to our moving service for homes and businesses, Gorilla Haulers also offers home cleanout services. We serve Maryland, DC, Baltimore and Virginia.

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