Professional Moving Services

Planning a move can be an overwhelming responsibility due to the long list of tasks you need to complete, like disassembling furniture, packing, and cleaning. The thought of having to move all of your belongings introduces another level of stress to your daily life.

That’s when you need Gorilla Haulers! Whether you are a homeowner or a business, if you need help moving and cleaning out your space, we’ll provide high-level professionalism, care, and unmatched service enthusiasm.  

Our experienced moving team has seen it all and come ready to make the moving day an enjoyable experience.

We Make Junk Disappear

Furniture, Hot water heaters, Old mattresses, Television sets (regular and Tube), Tree trimmings, Appliances, Air conditioners, Treadmills, Broken concrete, Riding lawn mowers, Hot tubs, Gas grills, Swingsets, Pianos, Fence posts, Microwaves, Scrap metal, Old computers, Roofing materials, Computer monitors, Carpeting, and more!

Moving Made Easy

We do everything we can to make your move stress free! With Gorilla Haulers on the job, we’ll show up with the right tools including contractor bags, a 16ft truck, and our years of experience using the best moving practices to get the job done right. 

Instead of struggling with heavy items and furniture removal, we’ll arrive with dollies and special tools to disassemble them and make moving easier. To protect your belongings during the move, we use wrapping materials and blankets on your items to prevent damage. 

Rest assured, our team of movers is professionally trained and has vast moving experience. 

If you are worried about your upcoming move, call or text us at 301-591-6675 for a quick consult.  

What Makes Us Unique?

With so many moving companies in Maryland, Virginia, and DC, why should you choose Gorilla Haulers? Our passion goes beyond moving and is governed by the following:

People – We are intent on providing our clients with honest and personal experiences. Moreover, being a company that will handle your valuables, we will put you at ease with excellent communication, enthusiasm, and professionalism. 

Environment – Moving to a new space is great. It offers the opportunity for a fresh start without the baggage from your previous space. Gorilla Haulers double as a junk removal company and offer services like:

We are dedicated to recycling. We’ve seen how much computers, cardboard, metal, appliances, and other junk end up in landfills. We propose to recycle what we can, and our team has invaluable knowledge of getting this done. 

Be Vigilant As You Choose A Professional Moving Company
Moving Company

Moving Services Offered

We understand that clients are different and, as such, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all moving package. Instead, we customize moving services based on client needs. Below are our main moving services for residential and commercial properties. 

NOTE: this is not an all-inclusive list. Please call if you have any questions!

What Regions Do We Service?

We are based in Germantown, MD, and offer services throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia, within a 55-minute radius. 

Move Me

Ready to hit the road?  Get in touch with our professional movers for a free non-obligatory moving consultation and in-person estimate.

Let us shoulder the moving burden for you and leave you to do what you do best – thrive in peace.