Hot Tub Relocation

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You spent a fortune on a gorgeous, fully-equipped hot tub a couple of years ago and had it installed in your home.  But now you want to move. Unfortunately, few moving services offer hot tub relocation/moving services. And the few that do provide expensive options using crane trucks. Before you give up and decide to leave your investment behind, contact Gorilla Haulers!

We understand how difficult and cumbersome it is to move your hot tub. We have a team of hot tub movers that provide professional service where you need it – whether it’s a new home across town or simply a new location within your current property.

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Hot Tub Moving Service

Jumping into a hot tub at the end of a long and stressful day is relaxing, but moving it isn’t. Average hot tubs weigh between 800 and 1,500 pounds, depending on the material used and their capacity. While you might be tempted to do it yourself, it’s better and safer to hire Gorilla Haulers, Maryland, full-service hot tub movers.

Hot Tub Removal

Our hot tub relocation services are preferred because we offer unequaled customer satisfaction through:

  • Use of proper equipment – to successfully move your hot tub, jacuzzi, or spa; we use specialized tools like furniture dollies and heavy-duty moving straps.
  • Sufficient manpower – the more people we have, the merrier. Even with specialized equipment, raw power is needed to move hot tubs safely.
  • Field experience and knowledge – using inexperienced movers to move hot tubs is a recipe for disaster. Because of this, our employees are experienced and knowledgeable in moving large items. They plan, prepare, and deliver the hot tub efficiently, safely, and quickly.
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What To Expect

When you call us for hot tub moving services in Maryland, we’ll need some information to help us deliver quality and 100 percent incident-free service. These include:

Why Hire A Certified Team Of Hot Tub Movers Rather Than Doing It Yourself?

Hiring professional hot tub movers in Maryland is an added expense, but the benefits are worth it! Gorilla Haulers come with the necessary manpower to handle any hot tub relocation.

Before they start the relocation, our professional movers conduct a detailed evaluation and prepare necessary equipment and tools, including stretch films, floor coverings, and moving cushions as needed.

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in hot tub disassembly and reassembly. Hiring experienced movers for your hot tub relocation in Maryland will undoubtedly provide you with a great experience and excellent service.

What Affects The Cost Of Moving A Hot Tub?

The cost of moving a hot tub varies between moving companies. Some hot tub moving services charge a flat rate, and others an hourly rate. But even then, the final quotation of relocating your hot tub in Maryland depends on several factors:
  • On-property flat hot tub moves: Relocating your spa or jacuzzi to another area within your property to create room for a remodel, landscaping, new patio, or other additions costs less than moving it to an elevated area. Moving a hot tub across a flat surface requires less manpower and equipment.
  • On-property elevated hot tub relocation: Relocating a hot tub down or up a flight of stairs or elevated locations increases the final costs. Hot tubs are heavy, so lifting them requires an experienced team, quality service, manpower, and expert knowledge.
  • New location hot tub relocation: Moving your new hot tub from one home to another will cost more than moving it within your property. The higher fees cover the extra time and labor spent and transportation costs.
Aside from these factors, our hot tub relocation costs vary depending on the hot tub size and weight, the distance of relocation, and the level of challenge to unload and load the hot tub in each location. To get your obligation-free hot tub relocation quotation, book online, or call our knowledgeable team at (301) 747-5811 for personalized service.

NOTE: this is not an all-inclusive list. Please call if you have any questions!

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Hot Tub Removal And Disposal Services

Hot tubs aren’t built to last forever. If your old hot tub has shot its last bubbles, or you want a new upgrade, you are wondering how you’ll remove and dispose of the old spa.

Hot tubs and Jacuzzis are heavy and come in large sizes that you cannot leave on your curb. Moreover, your residential waste management pick-up might not take it away. Your options are to try and sell it online or to your neighbor, but that could take ages. Or you could attempt to donate it, unlike refrigerators, there isn’t a high demand for used hot tubs as donations.

Hiring a professional hot tub disposal service in Maryland like Gorilla Haulers is your best bet for getting rid of the old hot tub fast. With Maryland’s Zero Waste initiatives, our hot tub removal team takes pride in offering eco-friendly disposal service.

Through our affordable services, we disassemble the hot tubs and dispose of individual parts according to Maryland’s disposal guidelines. Our hot tub service team also partners with recycling facilities and charitable organizations to recycle and donate items and parts recovered whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Tub Removals

Should I Empty The Hot Tub Before You Pick It Up?

We recommend completely draining the hot tub of water before expert jacuzzi movers in Maryland arrive. Water drainage is easy – simply attach a hose to the hot tub drain spout, remove the drain plug, and let the water drain out.

Should I Disconnect The Spa?

Yes, disconnect the hot tub before the arrival of our affordable hot tub movers. If you aren’t confident in disconnecting the electrical, hire a licensed and experienced electrician. However, you don’t need a professional to turn off the heater on the side to let the spa cool down before relocation.

What Should I know When Relocating A Hot Tub To My Backyard?

For successful relocation, you should pick a spot that’s level and structurally strong to support a filled hot tub before calling in hot tub backyard movers. Every square foot of the flat location should support about 100 lbs. Also, make sure the spot where you’ll place the electrical system compartment is safe from where the water drains. This equipment compartment should be accessible for regular maintenance.

Hot Tub Moving Services In Maryland

Whether Gorilla Haulers are relocating your existing hot tub within your property to a new location or disposing of your old spa, we promise efficient, safe, and affordable hot tub moving service. Since situations are different, we are pleased to offer hot tub owners’ quality professional service to meet their needs paired with a damage-free and smooth delivery.  Our tub movers track record speaks for itself!

To book our hot tub moving services in Maryland, in an affordable price range, call Gorilla Haulers at (301) 747-5811 or book online here.