Long Distance Moving Company

What Is A Long-distance Move?

Commercial moves are categorized as long-distance relocations if they over 100 miles or require crossing state lines. According to United States moving laws, a long-distance moving company in Maryland completing an interstate move requires insurance policies covering the client and their items. Whether it’s an interstate or intrastate move, you can count on our experienced team of professional movers to carry out the job smoothly. They make strategic plans and go out of their way to ensure your needs are met.  We are fully bonded and insured to offer comprehensive moving services.

Let Us Handle The Heavy Lifting!

As a full-service moving company in Maryland, Gorilla Haulers has a team of expert movers that has extensive experience transporting various things from glassware to a pool table over long distances without problems. Trouble finding the time to prepare for the move?  We handle residential and commercial relocations. Call and ask about our professional packing service!  Our goal is to make your moving experience as stress-free as possible.

What We Handle

Both residential and commercial long-distance moves require detailed planning and come with a long to-do list. Our team of movers offer a wide variety of services that can help you cross off tasks on your list.  

Tasks we can handle during the residential and corporate relocations include:

  • Careful planning – with extensive industry experience in commercial and residential long-distance moves, we know what it takes to make these moves smooth and successful.
  • Packing – we can box up your valuables, wrap office furniture and handle fragile items with care. Our expert movers not only show up with special equipment but are knowledgeable on packing tips and techniques to do it right.


  • Transporting – We’ll load your family belongings and office equipment on our dedicated truck and safely transport them from your old home to your new home or office. We have a fleet of trucks in assorted sizes to ensure we transport more goods on one trip and save time.
  • Unpacking – Once you arrive at your new premise, we can help you unpack and settle in. Communicate your moving needs to our residential long-distance movers in Maryland, and they’ll do their best to meet them.
  • Junk removal – moving is a perfect time to declutter and get rid of junk or items you’ve no use for anymore. Gorilla Haulers can help you donate or dispose of junk using eco-friendly methods.

With our exemplary relocation services, your long-distance and international moves just got easier. You can get in touch with us at (301) 747-5811 today!

Why Hire Our Professional Team Of Movers?

By hiring a professional long-distance mover, you get peace of mind, expert advice, and an expert team. Gorilla Haulers provides experienced and trained movers and insurance to cover your property during the move. We are time conscious and strive to deliver custom long-distance solutions to ensure excellent customer satisfaction.

In addition to this, we save you the hassle of lifting heavy and awkward items. Instead, our expert long distance movers come in with professional tools to make work easier and keep your possessions safe. Despite our elaborate long-distance moving services, we have affordable rates that are free of hidden expenses and fees.

Expert Tips To Prepare For Long-distance Moves In Maryland

We’ve successfully handled many long-distance office moves in Maryland – our positive online reviews from satisfied customers are proof of this. From these projects, we’ve determined a couple of things are key to long-distance success:

image of gorilla haulers packing the moving truck for a long-distance move
image of gorilla haulers moving and junk removal sign

Affordable Long-distance Moving Service

Long-distance moves are often expensive ventures. While you want high-quality services, you might not feel you can afford them. 

With Gorilla Haulers, you can rest assured you are getting high-quality professional moving services at a competitive price! We offer affordable moving rates and deliver an excellent moving experience.

Contact our reliable movers to request a long-distance moving flat rate estimate. We’ll assess the circumstances surrounding your move and estimate how much it’ll cost. We might visit your premises for complex moves, but for simple moves, we can provide a no-obligation estimate on the phone. Our goal is to provide a detailed moving quote without extra charges or hidden fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Moving Expenses Tax-deductible?

Prior to 2018’s tax year, moving expenses were deductible for taxpayers. Deductions of moving expenses for every taxpayer except for military personnel on active duty are suspended until December 31, 2025, though the matter will be revisited.

How Long Do Items Take To Arrive?

How long the move takes depends on your new destination. However, dependable long-distance movers strive to travel along the fastest routes to eliminate avoidable downtimes.

Experienced Long-distance Movers

Your home or office items should be treated with respect and utmost care. Especially if you are older and in need of senior moving services for a long-distance move, Gorilla Haulers should be the only call you need to make.  At Gorilla Haulers, we take time to pack everything carefully and safely before loading it in our trucks. You can rest easy knowing your possessions are safe and insured during the move.

Long Distance moving in Maryland just got easier and more affordable. Call our experienced movers on (301) 747-5811 today for a no-obligation moving quote.