Senior Moving Services In Maryland

Moving is a physically and emotionally daunting process, especially for older adults. There are so many memories you have lived, and you aren’t as energetic as you once were. But don’t worry, Gorilla Haulers is here to save the day with senior relocation services in Maryland. Here’s all you need to know about this service and our offer.

What Is A Senior Moving Service?

A senior moving service company in Maryland offers moving services designed to meet the special needs of senior citizens. They might enlist the help of a certified CRTS professional in addition to a moving specialist offering a range of services including packing, unpacking, and transportation.
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Gorilla Haulers Makes Junk Disappear

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Senior Moving Services

Our moving team works with seniors and their families to set goals and timelines to finish the moving process. We undertake floor planning for the new space to determine which items you carry and which you leave behind. Developing a strategy early in the moving process makes things easier.

Gorilla Haulers are professional organizers and experienced at senior moving and downsizing. After helping you determine what’s moving with you and what’s not, we’ll assist in getting them shipped to family members, donating or discarding junk.

We ensure all of your belongings are boxed safely and ready for transportation. We’ll bring professional packing materials and pack in a manner that’ll make unpacking easier. This means boxes will be labeled and packed based on function, importance, and room.

Things get overwhelming on moving day. We’ll send an expert to function as the control center on this day. They’ll oversee the moving process and ensure the moving strategy is followed for efficiency and safety.

 Whether you’re moving locally or across state lines, Gorilla Haulers will load, transport, and unload items.

With us on deck, your new living space in Maryland will feel and look like home in no time. We can organize the disposal of unwanted items as well.

Why Do Seniors Move?

Senior citizens want to make the most of their retirement years. To improve their quality of life, they move into smaller homes or assisted living facilities. The move is caused by the need to be closer to family and friends, warmer climates, and better tax laws.

Aside from these, seniors also move to:pic of senior moving services in maryland

  • Access senior-sector employment – seniors who’d love to continue working can move to states with senior-sector employment opportunities. In recent years, many seniors have been working beyond 70 years. The economy is largely responsible for this trend; however, most Baby Boomers confess they aren’t ready to retire and move to a different state to find their dream jobs in their golden years.
  • Downsize homes – many seniors in Maryland move to downsize into smaller homes. When you were younger and had children depending on you, having a large home was a blessing and comfortable. When the kids move out, the need to clean or live in a large family home dies. Downsizing into a smaller home saves on utility costs and is easier to manage. Instead of moving to a smaller home, some seniors move into senior-living communities where they can remain active, be looked after, and enjoy reduced domestic responsibilities.
  • Get a safer space – In 2015, the CDC recorded that more than one in four seniors reported falls, and over 28,000 seniors died due to these falls. This translates into 74 seniors dying daily or one senior every 20 minutes. Tripping hazards, reduced strength and vision, medication, and poor balance increases the risk of falling. While most of these factors can be improved, most prefer moving into newer, safer homes.
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Is Moving Stressful For Seniors?

Moving in Maryland is an exhausting process at any age. For senior adults, moving takes a toll on the body and triggers sadness and grief. This is especially true when one leaves a home they’ve lived in for years and where they raised a family.

As adults grow older, they get set in their ways and thrive in routines. Moving to a new house can be a major disruption, so our senior move managers are patient and supportive throughout the process.

To ease moving stress for seniors, Gorilla Haulers recommends the following

Although our professional senior movers will handle the physical aspects of relocation, you’ll still need help in other areas. For instance, getting help in reading the senior moving service contract can provide relief and confidence in the process.

Give yourself time. Start planning your move about three months ahead of the moving date. Also, consider the time of the year. Usually, summer is the busy season for senior moving companies, so it may be harder for them to schedule you. Having a date in advance allows for proper planning and avoiding scheduling conflicts.


Make a checklist of what you need to be done along with timelines. For instance, you can list everything you’re not moving with, what’s being sold and what’s being donated. This makes the process manageable and less overwhelming.

A visual record of your home’s layout will help you remember where everything goes when unpacking. This also prevents things from getting lost or left behind.

With so many memories in your home, it’s understandable that you are overwhelmed by emotion when moving. Take time to reflect and recount memories with family or friends to make the transition easier.

Why Use Gorilla Haulers For Your Senior Move?

With hundreds of successful senior moves and satisfied customers in Maryland, you are assured of getting a quality moving service. Our professional movers have practical knowledge and are dedicated to the process, a factor that shines through in the experience we deliver.

We acknowledge that each senior has unique moving needs. As such, we provide custom senior moving solutions including full service moves and labor only moves, to ease the process. Our team will try hard to work with your schedule to avoid inconveniences at an affordable price.

With the Gorilla Haulers team on site, you’ll be set up in your new house in Maryland in no time. Call us today for bookings and estimates.