Professional Packing Services

Moving to a new house is exciting, but the thought of packing can be crippling. If a small apartment can take a couple of hours to pack up, how much time will a home with decades of memory take? With all your belongings professionally packed and labeled for easier unpacking by our experienced team of professional movers, settling into your new space will be a breeze.

Hiring Gorilla Haulers means procuring the best and professional packing services in Maryland. If you are scared the packers will mix things up, you’ll be shocked at their organization and neatness. You might be great at handling fragile items in the house, but the packing and moving process is a different ball game. Our Maryland packing professionals have training and experience packing fragile and high value items efficiently and safely.

Professional packers

Why Hire Gorilla Haulers For Complete Packing Services?

Right off the bat, our team of packers is efficient, and our Maryland packing services are affordable. Aside from this, you should hire us because:
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Professional Packing Team

Our packers pack homes professionally daily. They’ve experience handling ordinary and fragile items and have developed tricks and packing techniques to solve different obstacles.

  • Self-packed boxes aren’t covered under moving insurance – by hiring a packing professional, your moving insurance company presumes a safety standard for your items is upheld. When you self-pack, you are on your own as they determine you are a liability.
  • It’s easy to overpack when stressed and tired – the last thing you want is to have to rush to the store for extra packing boxes in the middle of packing. When handling your packing, cutting corners is often inevitable. However, Gorilla Haulers are looking to impress and ensure undeniable customer satisfaction.
  • You can be involved in packing – we understand it can be difficult to trust someone with your home and valuables. Gorilla Haulers’ packers in Maryland allow you to supervise packing to put your mind at ease. However, our packers are background checked and undergo a rigorous employment process to ensure accountability.
  • We create custom packing services – instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, we create custom packing plans to meet different client needs. Whether you need packing services, packing and delivery, heavy lifting, wrapping furniture pieces, packing boxes, and unpacking in your new space, we are the team for you.

Specialized Packing Services

Gorilla Haulers in Maryland is dedicated to excellent customer service on every project. Some services you can count on us for include:

Premium Packing Supplies

To protect your valuable items, we use high-quality packing material. No bubble wrap, plastic wrap, moving box, shrink wrapping, wardrobe box, wrapping cloth, wooden crate or plastic bin is spared when ensuring the safety of delicate items. Even better, our packing team uses packing boxes specifically designed for different household items and come with additional packing supplies for labeling and securing the boxes, including packing tape and padding.

Gorilla Haulers Packing Tips

Our professional packing services make the packing process in Maryland much easier:

  • Pack items you hardly use first; the earlier you start packing, the better. However, you won’t pack some items until the night before moving or the actual day.
  • Clearly label every box, the room it belongs in, and whether it contains breakable items or not. Having small descriptions of the boxes’ content will make it easier to find things when unpacking.
  • Boxes that you’ll want to unpack first after the move should be labeled ‘Open First.’
  • Heavy items should be packed at the bottom of the box while lighter items are placed on top. Also, the heavier the items, the smaller the box.
  • When packing vases other electronic items, use arrows to show the top side. For lamps, packs shades and bulbs separately.
Unfortunately, packing is easier said than done. To get the best expert packing experience, call Gorilla Haulers today at (301) 747-5811 for a free no-obligation quotation.

Preparing For Professional Packers

Preparation is key to success. While a professional packing company like Gorilla Haulers in Maryland comes with professional, and trained packing experts, the entire process is smoother if you prepare your four-bedroom home for them.

  • Organize and clean – packing tools, dishes, and laundry is easier when they aren’t in a mess.
  • Declutter – get rid of the trash or donate items you no longer use. If you don’t have time for this, gather these items in a corner with clear instructions not to move them.
  • Attend to items you’ll pack yourself – normally, you’ll pack toiletries, medicine, personal items including books and chargers, work items, and hazardous items packers won’t handle.
  • Label and organize rooms – have all items in their respective rooms. For instance, have kitchen items in the kitchen and bedroom items in the bedroom. Label the rooms accordingly to make it easier for packers in Maryland to label boxes correctly.
  • Label high-value items clearly – whether it’s an old music box, a vintage record player with high sentimental value or other specialty items, make clear labels so that the packing crew know they are dear to you and handle them with care.

Get Packing!

Packing your home before a move can be stressful. Luckily, with expert packers in Maryland, it’s a breeze. Although the actual cost of packing may vary depending on the scope of work, Gorilla Haulers offers affordable packing services. To enjoy stress-free residential and commercial moving services, fill out our online contact form or call us at (301) 747-5811 today!