Storage Services

Are you downsizing or moving and need extra space to store your belongings? Perhaps you’ve been in the same home for decades and suddenly need a storage solution for all your extras.

Sure, you can rent a traditional storage unit. But what other options exist for those who don’t need to store that much stuff? At Gorilla Haulers, we cater to a wide range of storage requirements, from basic heated, ventilated units to fully climate and humidity-controlled spaces and specialized storage for Art and wine.

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Maryland Residential Moving And Storage Solutions

Many residential customers opt for storage while they transition into a new home. If you’re moving from one house to another and your new place is not yet ready or require extra storage space while selling your old home, Gorilla Haulers can assist you. Our storage services are designed to provide a convenient and adaptable solution for long-distance moving schedules.

Storage Services
Long distance movers

Maryland Commercial Moving And Storage Solutions

Gorilla Haulers provides storage solutions for businesses making long-distance moves. Our professional movers offer customized storage services for commercial moves, including office furniture, technology, retail fixtures, and trade show displays.

During the move, we can securely store these items and then transport them to the desired location as per the client’s specifications. Whether you’re moving your office across the country or need extra space in our secure facilities for your commercial equipment, Gorilla Haulers has you covered.

What Not To Store

Here are some items that we generally don’t recommend be stored in a storage facility:

  • Important documents (such as deeds and titles) and currencies should not be stored in a storage facility. These items should be kept in a safe deposit box or with you.
  • Explosive or combustible items (such as fuel or propane tanks) and mechanical devices with fuel tanks should not be stored. Before being placed in storage, the fuel should be emptied.
  • Guns and ammunition should not be kept in storage.
  • Liquids and cleaning products should not be stored with other items. If they leak, they can cause damage to other items.
  • Electronics with Lithium-Ion batteries should not be stored in a storage facility.

Items Needing Special Storage

  1. Vinyl records
  2. Wine
  3. Grandfather clocks
  4. Antique furniture
  5. Pianos
  6. Film
Special storage

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With the ability to store belongings while transitioning into a new home, selling a previous residence, or during a commercial move, storage services can help alleviate the stress and complications of moving.

If you are considering a move, it may be worth exploring the storage services offered by Gorilla Haulers to determine if we fit your needs. Call us today for a consultation and a moving and storage quotation.