Why Us?

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured To Give You Peace Of Mind While We Do Our Thing

Not only are we protected, but every team is professional as much as they are thoughtful. You can rest assured knowing your moves are in good hands with our experienced moving crew. You should also know that with anything you decide to part ways with, our team will take proper care! Whether that’s recycling, that broken washer, or giving that old couch to a family in need.

Gorilla Haulers — People


We take pride in providing honest and personable experiences for our clients. Being a company that interacts with our client’s property and belongings, we guarantee to make you feel at ease with our thoroughly trained and amiable team. You can expect thorough communication, enthusiasm, and big smiles from every one of our truck teams.



Junk removal companies are responsible for the majority of commercial recycling that occurs at all transfer stations. We have seen firsthand how much metal, cardboard, computers, appliances and more go straight to landfills. Gorilla Haulers takes pride in making sure what’s recyclable gets recycled. Every team member has the values and knowledge necessary to make sure every job gets done the right way.



We understand the significance of the relationship between a job that needs to get done and the people behind doing it. We do things the right way, starting with free estimates and straight-forward pricing delivered to you by our respectful and professional team members. From start to finish, you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with your Gorilla Haulers experience.