Be Vigilant As You Choose A Professional Moving Company

Professional moving companies play a significant role in the daily lives of many ordinary Americans. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), more than 27 million Americans moved homes and offices in 2022. The figures show an increase from past years and demonstrate that moving is a big growing industry, and people are moving more than ever in recent years. However, not all movers are the same. Some movers are just out there to make a quick buck or trick people of their hard-earned money.

As per USA Today, about fifteen thousand complaints were filed with the BBB last year against several moving companies that either provided poor service or scammed people. Hence, looking for a reliable, professional, and affordable moving company can be difficult, especially if you’re unaware of the potential pitfalls of a bad deal. In the following paragraphs, we will provide some solid advice on picking a professional moving company so that you remain safe from scams or poor-quality moving companies.

The Different Kinds Of Moving Scams

Journalistic investigations show that three kinds of moving scams are occurring in the industry.

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Upfront Payment Scam

Some moving companies will ask their customers for an upfront payment, which they will be expected to pay before the moving company arrives at the customer’s destination. However, the moving company does not show up once the customer pays the upfront fee. Hence, you lose the upfront fee that you paid.

Expected Weight Scam

Another common scam you need to be wary of is the expected-weight scam. A mover will provide you with a quote for the moving service based on the expected weight of your belongings. However, they will ask you for more money once the truck is loaded. This can be distressing for a customer because you end up paying more than expected.

The Disappearing Act Scam

The worst of all these scams is the disappearing act scam. The moving trucks will show up to your place and load all your belongings on the truck. You will pay them and expect the truck to reach your destination soon enough. However, once you reach your place, you will find that the trucks have yet to arrive. The movers will either disappear with your belongings or hold them hostage, asking you for more money in return for them.

Why Do People Fall For These Scams?

Anybody can fall victim to such moving scams if we are not careful enough. Many Americans move in the summer, and anyone can be a victim. However, inexperienced people moving for the first time are more prone to falling for these scams. For example, young adults beginning to move out of their parent’s homes can be the primary targets of these moving scams.

How To Avoid Falling For Such Moving Scams?

Now for the most crucial part… How should you avoid such scams and choose a reliable, professional moving company to carry all your belongings to your desired destination? Here is some essential advice that you should take into account before moving. We have compiled advice from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Warning Signs

The first thing to look out for is red flags. If you notice too many red flags on a mover’s end, it is best not to engage with them. A common warning sign would be if the mover has no registered address or insurance or lacks in some other legal aspect. If a moving company is not dedicated to following the proper operation policies, then it is likely that it isn’t the right choice. Ensure that the professional movers you’re hiring have a registered and legitimate business address.

Odd Unusual Requests

Suppose you see your potential mover making absurd demands or unusual requests beyond the industry standard. In that case, it is a sign that something is fishy. You should be on your toes if the company asks for a substantial upfront fee or down payment. Lastly, a company can only ask for full payment after completing the move. If they indulge in such activities, then it is highly likely they aren’t a genuine business.

Make Sure The Mover Is Authorized And Known

As a customer, you can go on the FMCSA’s search tool to check the registration of interstate movers. The tool is an excellent feature of the FMCSA’s site that allows people to ensure they are engaging in business with the right people. The search tool even provides a complaint history of different moving companies, thus allowing you to vet a company properly. Also, go online and check for reviews of the company you’re hiring. Poor reviews mean that you stay away from them!

Write. Write. Write.

Get everything written from the get-go. Having everything in writing protects you from being scammed. It ensures that both parties stick to their commitments and that legal action can be taken if something goes wrong. Non-verbal agreements are problematic and are easy to renege on. Hence, the first order of business is to ensure you have everything in writing.

Keep A Record Of Your Belongings

Another good tip is to keep a record of your belongings. Keep a list, take photographs, and take video as the trucks leave your destination. Such documentary evidence reduces the chances of pilfering, theft, and scamming. An inventory sheet helps ensure that all your belongings are safely delivered to your new destination.

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