Moving Trends in 2024: What Customers Expect from Packing and Storage Providers in Maryland?

People move for a variety of reasons. Some people move for financial reasons, such as finding employment or searching for new business opportunities. Other people move for a better lifestyle or to remain closer to their family. No matter what reason people might have to move to a particular location, data shows that Americans are consistent in shifting to different localities, cities, and even states, with more than 28.1 million people switching their homes in 2022. Analysts predict that people will move more to other states in pursuit of better work opportunities and lower living costs. Hence, it is logical to expect more long-distance travel in the future. However, with the changing moving trends in 2024, people are expecting more from movers and packers in Maryland in terms of their services. In the following paragraphs, we will inform you what customers seem to expect from a great moving and storage company.

Moving Trends in 2024

What are Moving Companies Maryland?

If you intend to shift to a new house or office and need someone to haul all your belongings from one location to another, then you need movers in Maryland. Moving services Maryland are companies that help people safely and timely transport their things from one location to another. A moving company may also offer additional services such as packing all your stuff properly before moving it or unpacking your things safely in your new location. Gorilla Haulers is one of the finest movers and packers in the Maryland area, so we urge you to check us out!

5 Significant Moving Trends and Customer Expectations in 2024

The moving industry, like every other industry, continues to change. The data and stats show a multitude of trends that are worth understanding. However, due to space constraints, we will limit ourselves to the top five trends that seem to pervade the industry in 2024.

Fastest-Growing Cities in the US

As states like Illinois, New York, and California see many people moving out, some cities have become the top choice of movers because of the affordability of housing in those cities and the prospects of a thriving job market. Among the top ten fastest-growing cities in the US were a whopping seven Florida cities, including Sarasota, Lakeland, and Naples. The others were Salisbury in Maryland, Boise in Idaho, and Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, ranked number one. So customers expect moving companies to be ready to move longer distances!

Americans are Looking for Affordable Movers and Packers

As inflation eats away at the average American’s income and savings, people looking to move are also searching for the most cost-effective methods. Most people, it seems, prefer packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading their items themselves to save money on labor costs. However, if movers in Maryland were to provide affordable packing services like we provide at Gorilla Haulers, there would be a lot more takers for such a service.

Digital Services are Welcome!

Many moving companies remain very old school in their approaches and do not adapt to changing times. People want to save both time and money through the efficient use of digital technologies. Having an excellent website, customer service chat boxes and the possibility of virtual consultations are some things that customers expect from a moving and storage company. Hence, those moving services Maryland that remain innovative will remain ahead of the competition.

Eco-friendly Movers will be Preferred

Even though we cannot expect it to be a deal breaker, most people are looking for moving companies Maryland that believe in sustainability, and hence work to make their services as environmentally friendly as possible. It is the commitment to sustainability that matters; therefore, moving services Maryland are beginning to invest in biodegradable packing materials and energy-efficient transportation to help people move to their desired locations. The rise in environmental concern is a welcome development; everybody should be ready to embrace such positive change.

Moving Costs are Stabilizing!

As mentioned above, the inflation-stricken American population is concerned with saving as much money on moving as possible, and rightly so. Moving prices remained erratic post-pandemic for the most part, and only now are we beginning to see moving rates stabilize. The stability in the cost of moving is happening because supply chain disruptions are coming to an end. Hence, people are expecting moving prices to be more stable in 2024. Gorilla Haulers realizes this development, and thus, we are committed to providing our customers with the best prices and quotes.

Looking for the Best Moving Companies Maryland

Looking for the Best Moving Companies Maryland?

If you want to plan a move with the best moving and storage company, then you do not need to look much further. Gorilla Haulers is ready to cater to all your moving needs. We have a professional and cordial staff that is committed to providing you with the best moving services Maryland has to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call us at Gorilla Haulers now!