Planning a Move

If you’re thinking of moving, it’s important to do some planning. Knowing how to pack for a move can help make the transition smoother and reduce stress for everyone involved.

There are so many things that need to be considered when moving out of state or just across town – from the proper organization and packing tips to more finite details like finding a moving company or a new church.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Moving Company

Gorilla Haulers are experts in handling and wrapping furniture, disassembling, and reassembling furniture and large appliances, climbing flights of stairs, and loading the truck properly, so there is no risk of damage.

The cost may be slightly higher than doing it yourself, but you have the comfort that your belongings are being well-handled.

What Things Should You Do Before The Movers Arrive?

If you plan to do it yourself, make sure that all your appliances and furniture are in good working condition. Make sure the movers can get into your home as easily as possible without having to go around any obstacles.

As for those who will hire a professional moving company, you should not be distracted by taking care of last-minute chores.

You should be able to dedicate all your time and energy to making sure everything is ready for the movers’ arrival. Here are seven of the most important things you should do before moving day:

1. Contact Utility Companies

Make sure that the connections from water, gas, and electricity have been turned off. Also, have the telephone company disconnect your phone, and the cable company shut off your service.

2. Empty Your Refrigerator, Drawers, And Shelves

It is not advisable to move with items inside the fridge because there’s a risk that they could spoil before you get to unpack them.

3. Make Sure No Valuables Are Left Inside The House

Just in case someone breaks into your place after you have moved out, they won’t steal anything of value inside. Also, take care not to leave important documents just lying around the house.

4. Sort Out What Needs To Be Packed

Even if it’s just clothes, make sure that they are folded neatly and placed inside garment bags. If you own a lot of shoes, use shoe boxes to keep them organized while in transit.

5. Arrange The Things That You Will Take With You In Your Car

Set aside a few boxes for kitchen supplies, towels, and sheets. If possible, try not to mix these items with those you will be taking to your new house.

6. Get Rid Of Any Junk

Have all the extra furniture and other items you don’t need anymore hauled away.  Schedule Gorilla Haulers to do the junk removal prior to your move!

7. Change Your Address With Your Insurance Company

If you are already covered by insurance, don’t forget to tell your agent about the date of your move. Changing your address should be reflected in the policy so that there won’t be any lapses in coverage.

There are many things to do before or after moving day, but this list will guide you to having a smooth transition from one house to another. These tasks don’t require a lot of time, but taking care not to overlook any detail will make the moving process as hassle-free as possible.

If you’re looking for a mover who won’t break your bank and still guarantees excellent service, Gorilla Haulers is the company for you!