How To Save Money During Move

Moving to a new place is an expensive bargain. You’ll have to get a new home, arrange for utilities, and pay off any remaining dues of your last location. We know it can be financially challenging for you to move to a new place. We cannot reduce the cost, but we can help you some money. By the end of this blog, you can save some bucks and thank us later.

Critical Points For Saving Money During A Move

The following tips and suggestions can help cut the cost of your moving:
save money during move
  • Setting a perfect time:-Moving companies are super busy during summer and especially during the holidays. You can rarely get a discount from them during these peak business times. If you can spare some time and plan your move, you can save money by arranging to move during off-seasons. If you are proactive and plan your move specifically during off seasons, you would be in a better position to bargain and claim discounts. Moving during weekdays can help cut costs and get deals. September – May is the most affordable time to plan your move and save money. 
  • Compare pricing and get multiple quotes:- Different moving companies have different prices for different regions. The best measure would be to look for a moving company that offers all the required services and matches your budget. A professional company would give you a quote and enlist every detail that you want. Have multiple quotes and ask for discounts. Always remember that companies provide a rough estimation based on verbal information. You must request a physical visit from them to give you a detailed and thorough estimate. Do not fall for the lower price based on oral discussion. Also, check out reviews about the moving company you choose.
  • Pack your items yourself to save money during move:-Moving companies charge hefty amounts for packing and labeling your things. It includes the cost of boxes, tapes, and labor. You can save a good amount by doing the packing yourself. This will help keep labor costs low and give you a relaxed mind to protect your items. You can also get cheaper packing boxes from your local market and save that money. Moreover, DIY can help to re-live and refresh your memories with different items.
Handing over your belongings to a company without insurance can be disastrous. Your mover is liable for any damages that are incurred during moving. Make sure to check out the insurance so that they can cover your valuable items. Under federal laws, there are mainly two forms of insurance that your mover is bound to offer you.
  • Decluttering:-Decluttering is essential to free up some space from your home/office. Since you planned to move, this is an exciting opportunity to eliminate unused items. You can sort out the things you no longer need and are just taking up space at your house. Organizing a small yard sale for all these items can bring in some additional bucks. You can sell off these items and use the money to get new things or cover up the partial moving costs. Yard sales help exchange your unused items for cash.
  • Getting a tax refund:-If you are an active taxpayer, it is time for you to reap benefits. You can write off some moving costs. You are eligible for a refund if you relocated within a year of beginning a job more than 50 miles from your previous residence. The price of moving, storing, insurance, and packing are all refundable fees. This helps cover some of the costs you incur during the move. It will help save money for the move.
  • Saving on utility costs:-Most of the utility providers charge you for the whole month. If you could unsubscribe to some utilities like cleaning, cable, or grass maintenance before moving to a new place, you can cut down some on your expenses. If you are moving in the first week of a month, you can either unsubscribe to monthly services or discuss with them for a weekly arrangement.

Some Additional Tips

  • Buy packaging boxes, tapes, and markers from a wholesale supplier to save money.
  • Ask local grocery and liquor stores for free packaging material like bubble wrap.
  • Ask friends or relatives to suggest a good moving company with reasonable pricing.
  • Staying organized during the move can help cut the chaos and prevent overspending.
  • Use the 3-box approach of keep, sell, and dispose of items for organizing items and decluttering.

Moving out of your place can be an expensive experience, but with prompt measures and organizing skills, you can reduce the cost and save money during moving. A helpful, cost-friendly, experienced moving company can help optimize your costs. Always remember that moving does not have to be expensive or tiring. If you are proactive and move one box at a time, you can manage it easily and prevent exorbitant overspending. With the help of these hacks, you can have a budget-friendly move. If you have any questions regarding moving or need more tips for cost efficiency, do not hesitate to reach us.