The Cost And Benefit Of Hiring Professional Movers

Professional moving services play a significant role for people in the United States and worldwide. People move for various reasons, such as in search of a lower cost of living, a better living standard, or proximity to the beach or some other place. According to Forbes, the average cost of moving for a three-bedroom house is estimated to be around $2100. The New York Times reports that the average cost of a local move in the US increased by 12% in 2022. Hence, we must inform people about the costs and benefits of hiring a professional moving service and how it helps you move your belongings swiftly and safely.

What Is A Professional Moving Service?

According to ZipRecruiter, a professional moving service in Montgomery County, MD, Gorilla Haulers is a company that specializes in moving your belongings from one place to another quickly, efficiently, and securely. A professional moving company will handle everything there is to your move, including packing and inventory management, to ensure the timely and safe delivery of all your possessions from one location to another.
Professional Movers in Montgomery County

The Cost Of Hiring Professional Movers In Montgomery County

According to one analysis posted on the NY Times, the average cost of moving places locally rose by almost $450. However, plenty of factors have contributed to the rise, with the rising cost of fuel and inflation in general leading the list. As per another statistic, the average move overall, whether local or interstate, cost people around $8100. Interestingly, many Americans also reported that they had to pay a higher cost at the end of the move than the initial estimate provided by the moving company.

But still, the overall demand for professional movers remains very high. The US Postal Service reports that over 33 million people requested a change in their address only in 2022, making it evident that people are moving to new locations in large volumes. Per MarketWatch’s stats, the top five states people are moving to are Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, and South Carolina. Most moves are motivated by an affinity for warmer climates, lower taxes, and lower living costs.

Fortunately for our clients at Gorilla Haulers, we offer the most affordable and secure professional moving service in Montgomery County, MD, for a very nominal price. You can avail of our services at a starting price of only $150. We are ready to provide trustworthy, free in-person estimates and offer an excellent price for moving your possessions from one location to another. According to Forbes, the average cost of a local move should be between $200 and $7500, depending on the distance traveled and the number and size of your belongings.

The Benefits Of Hiring Professional Movers In Montgomery County

There are some terrific benefits to hiring professional movers in Montgomery County to help you with your move. Although many people feel like they can handle moving from place to place on their own, it can get overwhelming, and that is where the services of a professional mover become necessary. Following are some benefits compiled from and MarketWatch.

Convenient And Smooth Process

Hiring a moving service takes the burden off your shoulders. It puts responsibility in the hands of experienced professionals who know exactly what to do and how to do it. The movers will plan for you and may even help you pack your possessions before you move. It makes the process a lot more convenient and smooth, especially for people moving with families.

Lower Risk Of Damage And Injury

While moving on your own, you will have to manage and carry heavier items, which can be a cause of concern because lifting heavy items can take a toll on your physical health, or worse, it may cause significant injury or harm. Moreover, you might drop or damage some of your belongings while moving them. Such risks are avoided by hiring a professional moving service. They will ensure that the move takes place without anyone getting injured or anything getting damaged.

Range Of Optional Services

A moving company can offer you some optional services that you can choose from in order to completely relieve yourself from the daunting task of moving. For example, Gorilla Haulers provides its customers with additional services like packing, hauling, storage service, and home cleanout, among others, to help with the move. Such additional services allow a seamless moving experience in the end.
Professional Movers in Montgomery County

Interested In Hiring A Professional Moving Service In Montgomery, MD?

So, there is a lot of harmony between the cost and benefit of hiring a moving company to help with your relocation. The benefits outweigh the costs and make professional movers an excellent choice no matter where you move, whether interstate or locally. For more details on our moving services, please call us at
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